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REWIND: A Weak Apology.

Updated: May 15, 2021

This was originally written over two years ago after my FWB confirmed that he and my ex-friend actually slept together. If you recall, I knew that there had been shady business with them, and proceeded accordingly, but before writing the following, hadn’t heard from my friend.

I received a passive-aggressive apology and peace offering from my ex-friend. Yeah, the one who slept with my ex-FWB (and, yeah, I shamefully admit that I was still dealing with him after all of the drama. After all, we were just kickin’ it. Don’t judge me.)

To be honest, I never thought he was still involved with her. I wouldn’t necessarily put it past him, but I guess I thought she was smarter than that (I let her know how much of a dog he was in past texts and voicemails).

In any case, her e-mail consisted of claiming to miss me, wanting to make peace, blah, blah, blah. In her e-mail, though, was a phony and passive-aggressive tone that pissed me off. She talked about how much she lost (through ruining our friendship), but gained a lot too, and was happy, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I replied and told her that passive aggression had no place in an apology, and it was uncouth to talk about how happy you are in a peace offering to someone you’ve wronged. I proceeded to tell her that FWB had told me about how she threw me under the bus (another story, but she’s the type of person who tries to make her light shine by dimming others’).

She responded, and proceeded to claim that she was surprised that he and I still communicated, and continued that “it was on him” to tell me “about them”. More about my reflections on that a bit later.

Later that evening, feeling bitter (and admittedly inebriated), I responded to her last e-mail and told her the truth about FWB (or at least how he talked about her to me. Whether it’s true or not is irrelevant. I was being petty). I told her that he was using her, trying to get her money, etc. I was very petty & screenshot (and sent) her how not serious this idiot is (I always keep pertinent receipts).

Having said that, man drama is not my style, but my pride is important. I was only “kickin’ it” with this guy, but no one is going to think they played me like an idiot. No one is going to upstage me. Or, as Patrick Swayze said in Dirty Dancing : “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”. Literally and figuratively.

I was basically being a bitter bitch. Furthermore, I was a coward, sent the e-mail & blocked her. Did I have to do that? No. Should I have let karma run her course? Yes. Did I want to make her feel as miserable as I? Yes. Did it help? Kind of.

So, about her e-mail, and my reflections. I think he may have gotten her pregnant. I have no evidence of this (save her cryptic words). Please remember that I initially wrote this several week before I actually found out that the pregnancy was a reality…but more about that later…

As for him, though, I promptly let him know I didn’t have time for thirsty dudes and ended it. I never expected much from him — just a little courtesy. Eh, you live & you learn.

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